Industrial Parks

JITRI has worked in collaboration with local governments (e.g. industrial parks) to build research institutes with market-oriented institutional structures tailored to specific industry demands and cultures. JITRI has attracted a large number of promising technology companies and high-level R&D and start-up teams. JITRI has built an R&D industrial cluster, in which specialized research institutes and technology companies across all industrial fields are gathered. In the Yangtze River Delta and the coastal region, JITRI has partnered with industrial parks that have good infrastructure and a culture of innovation. Following JITRI's mantra of "R&D as an industry and technology as a product," it has planned to build R&D towns, communities, and two belts of innovation along the Yangtze River and the coast.

Establishing R&D Industrial Parks and Innovation Complexes
  • Sihong Industrial Technology Transfer Base

  • Zhenjiang New Area International R&D Community

  • Nanjing Jiangbei New Area R&D Industrial Park

  • Suzhou Xiangcheng Yangtze Delta International R&D Community

  • China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park

  • Nantong Central Innovation District

  • Kunshan Industrial Upgrading Promotion Center

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