Investment & Financial Support

JITRI has built a sustainable financial support system that promotes the translation and transfer to industry of technological breakthroughs. It has promoted the establishment of specialized investment funds and optimized the efficiency of governmental funds allocation. Through market-oriented means, JITRI has attracted private capital to technology research and transfer, which has magnified the efficiency of government spending and enabled the introduction of a number of forward-looking and cutting-edge high-tech projects to Jiangsu Province.

JITRI Co., Ltd.

As the platform for external investments of JITRI, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (JITRI Co., Ltd.) participates in the governance of various entities according to market-oriented logic, leverages social capital by supporting the establishment of early-stage venture capital funds, and deploys a capital supply chain around the innovation supply chain, so as to build a financial ecosystem that is conducive to development of the R&D industry.

01Invest in JITRI’s specialized institutes

02Invest in key projects (start-up companies)

03Participate in early venture capital funds initiated by JITRI institutes

04Ensure that the start-up teams have full control over R&D and operations

05Ease financing pressure and mitigate risks for early-stage projects

06Support the start-up team to standardize operations and management processes

Venture Capital Funds
JITRI has established 11 venture capital funds jointly with its specialized institutes, with a total amount of 1.624 billion CNY. JITRI Co., Ltd. has a shareholding ratio of 5%-20%, and has leveraged various types of capital of 1.315 billion CNY. A total of 23 projects are directly invested by JITRI.
  • Zijingqingzhuan Investment Management (Suzhou)

    (Co., Ltd.)
  • Nanjing Zhongke Hongta Advanced Laser Capital Management Co., Ltd

    (Co., Ltd.)
  • Beijing Lanpu Capital Management Co.,Ltd.

    (Co., Ltd.)
  • Jiangsu Xiangbai Hongshi Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd.

    (Co., Ltd.)
  • 5.Nanjing Membrane Material Industry Investment Management Ltd.

    (Co., Ltd.)
  • Joint Fortune Capital

    (Co., Ltd.)
Key Project Supported by the “Combination of Allocation and Investment” Model

JITRI’s “combination of allocation and investment” model is a unique project supporting

mechanism that leverages R&D funding from the government and equity investment.

  • Supporting start-up projects through R&D grants, and converting it to a corresponding equity investment when the project reaches the stage of market financing.
  • Addressing the valuation problem of early-stage projects, bearing the financial risks and let the team concentrate on R&D.

Help the team overcome difficulties during start-up

Bridge the gap of the “valley of funding death” between a good idea and a successful product.

Maintaining the autonomy of the technical team.

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